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Opening Ceremony

Release time:2023-06-30浏览:4605

On May 27th, Guangdong Yonggu Technology, the leader of the camera module testing fixture and equipment industry, welcomed the joy of moving in a new home and officially settled in Gaopu, Dongguan, embarking on a new journey to reach the pinnacle.


Yonggu has an independent industrial park in Gaopu, with 2 buildings each with 9 floors and an area of over 50000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 235 million yuan, which is mainly used for R&D, production and sales of non-standard equipment such as automated mobile phone camera module testing equipment, semi-automatic mobile phone camera module testing equipment, and non-standard fixtures such as fingerprint identification fixtures, mobile phone module testing fixtures, Test automation fixtures, etc; Research and development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent robots, semiconductor testing, etc.

At the launch ceremony of the new park, facing the congratulatory leadership of the local government deputy secretary, over 60 core customers, upstream and downstream partners, and over a hundred guests, the Yonggu management team stated that "fixture based, equipment oriented" is the basic strategy of the company, and will adhere to the principle of customer-centric approach, becoming the most trustworthy partner and solid support for customers.

It is understood that with the continuous increase of investment in independent technology research and development, and the establishment of a strategic cooperation organization between industry, academia, and research, Yonggu has applied for and owned over a hundred core intellectual property rights, and the overall team is stable at around 400 people.

In order to seize new market opportunities and make decisive transformation, Yonggu has strategically segmented its core businesses into 3C, automotive electronics, and semiconductors.


Among them, the current task of the automotive electronics team is to deepen the precision assembly equipment and assembly line of car mounted cameras, while developing car mounted lens AOA equipment to achieve domestic substitution. The semiconductor team mainly deepens ATE testing and sorting equipment and whole line equipment, while developing wafer testing equipment; The 3C sector is building a team that can handle intelligent assembly production lines.


It is worth noting that in order to form a strong driving force for the combination of software and hardware, the Yonggu Software Department has been conducting in-depth research on the core algorithms of the three major departments, such as the AOI algorithm, the binocular fusion algorithm of AR and VR, and the car camera calibration algorithm.

The Yonggu management team has full confidence in expanding into new fields. At the technical level, taking car mounted cameras as an example, such as AA, ECU, screen, assembly and testing, Yonggu already has rich reserves; at the market level, Yonggu has always maintained good strategic win-win relationships with many leading enterprises in the industry, and will continue to empower customers to expand in various fields

The Yonggu management team stated that based on its own growth and strength, the company's plan for the next three years is to achieve a full year revenue of 260 million yuan by 2023, striving to turn losses into profits; In 2024, we will strive for a profit of over 20 million yuan by ensuring three guarantees and competing for four guarantees; By 2025, it will return to a scale of 500 million, with a profit target of 60 million.

Based on the advantageous business of 3C, standing at the forefront of the smart car and semiconductor industries, the new journey of Yonggu is worth looking forward to.


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