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Walking under the blue sky-Chaoshan

Release time:2020-08-31浏览:3073

Walking under the blue sky-Chaoshan

-------General Manager's Office: Xu Tingting

    In April, the wind is sunny and the spring is full. Accompanied by the spring breeze, our company organized the first three-day tour of Chaoshan food culture for the first batch of employees on April 20-22, which is also part of our company's many employee benefits. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, putting aside the pressure of work, everyone started a wonderful journey with a relaxed and happy mood, accompanied by the sound of moving cars!

    During this trip, I visited many scenic spots and historical sites in Chaoshan to learn more about Chaoshan culture, appreciate the charm of the ancient city, and taste many local specialty snacks. Not only did he broaden his horizons, but he also experienced the pleasant island style and witnessed the vast blue sea and blue sky. On the beach, in the sea of flowers, and in the fields, there are happy smiling faces everywhere, fully enjoying the comfortable leisure and vacation life.

    Through this trip, everyone not only deeply felt the company’s humanistic care for employees, but also let off their mood during the journey, cultivated their sentiments, enhanced the emotional exchanges between colleagues, fully demonstrated the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, and made everyone feel good about future work. More passion and motivation!

Shantou Nan'ao General Military Mansion

Youth Bay, Nan'ao Island

Chaozhou-Hanwen Gong Temple

Danying Ecological Tourism Zone

Happy time is always short, but the local customs along the way and the laughter of the companions are deeply engraved in our minds. About travel, we are not finished yet~~~

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