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Why is YungKu riding the camera module market?

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   Three years, revenue soared by 300 million

   Why is Yonggu riding the camera module market?

   Text/Sun Lili

    In the "Silver Era", the camera industry chain has shifted from traditional competition to a comprehensive competition of comprehensive strength in strategy, operation, products, and services.

    In the camera module market, Yonggu plays the role of not only the "leader" of the leading domestic fixture manufacturer, but also the role of a well-known camera equipment manufacturer. Its sales have been more than ten years since its establishment. Over time, each year has maintained a rapid growth trend. What is amazing is that its sales have grown directly from 80 million yuan in 2015 to 330 million yuan in 2017.

     "In fact, we have been the fastest growing in the past three years. The two major factors, the gradual expansion of the dual-camera market and the successful entry into the camera equipment side, are the main driving forces for the rapid growth of Yonggu’s performance in the past three years. From the above point of view, most of the revenue growth is mainly from the equipment side." said Chen Yuanjie, general manager of Yonggu Precision Fixture Co., Ltd.

      "In the past camera market, Yonggu has maintained a high growth rate. It is not difficult for us to judge that this is by no means only a good market, but more affected by internal factors. To be precise, it is Yonggu's development strategy." People think.

At the beginning of its establishment, it was a supplier of Foxconn

      Shenzhen Yonggu Precision Fixture Co., Ltd. was established in January 2008. It is a branch of Taiwan Yonggu Technology Group in the mainland. So why did Yonggu set up a manufacturing base in Shenzhen Longhua 10 years ago? Yes, it has the most direct connection with its core customers.

"At that time, our fixture manufacturing base was in Taiwan, and our customer was Foxconn. It transferred the manufacturing base to Shenzhen Longhua. In consideration of the time and cost of fixture import, the customer expressed the hope that we would come to the mainland to produce. This also coincides with our original plan. For this reason, Yonggu began to build a fixture production base in the mainland." said Li Zhibiao, deputy general manager of Yonggu.

     "When Yonggu's CNC machines reached 4, it had formed a cooperative relationship with Foxconn. After that, every year, the CNC machines showed a substantial expansion. Up to now, Yonggu's CNC machines have reached 70, with the largest number of fixtures. The production capacity can reach 700-800 sets."

      Behind the huge production capacity of Yonggu’s fixtures, there is a strong demand for orders. According to the author’s knowledge, Yonggu has penetrated into the first, second and third line of camera module manufacturers. Among the top 20 camera module manufacturers, almost every camera module manufacturer 60%-80% of the fixture orders for the company are from Yonggu. Of course, some camera module manufacturers may have two or three other fixture suppliers, but basically the largest number of fixture suppliers still come from Yonggu.

      It is found that Yonggu’s fixture customers include Nanchang Oufei Technology, Nanchang Lianchuang, Zhejiang Sunny, Kunshan Qiu Tiwei, Jiangsu Kaier, Guangzhou Lite-On, Dongguan Dongju, Jiangxi Helitai, Shenzhen Foxconn, Jincheng Foxconn, etc. A well-known domestic camera module manufacturer.

      So what is the concept that the daily production capacity can reach 700-800 sets? Chen Yuanjie analyzed to the author that this is not a model. Many models are included. Even if we make 300 sets of fixtures every day, there are 40-50 models of these models. When splitting into parts, we need to design, Programming, and so on. Under normal circumstances, if there are few orders, many small factories will have no problems in completing the order, but if a certain order is large, it is basically difficult for small factories to complete the order in a short time. At this stage, it is firmly in the fixture. The biggest advantage in this regard is capacity.

      Orders for hundreds of sets of fixtures require a lot of manpower, especially at the beginning of the quantity, many manufacturers cannot complete the order in a short time, so it is not difficult to see that the production capacity is the reason why Yonggu has a leading position in the fixture market In the production process of fixtures, Yonggu also has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, and this can be confirmed from its camera module client.

In fact, Yonggu has also made great efforts in jig manufacturing. The author has learned that in order to meet the urgent needs of customers for rapid mass production of large numbers of orders in a short time, Yonggu is unambiguous in its staffing. There are more than 40 designers, 140 production personnel, and more than 60 assembly personnel. This is unprecedented among the fixture manufacturers.

       When they walked into the office manufacturing workshop, many designers were drawn to the scene of drawing on the computer, and this is one of the most basic daily workflows for them to make fixtures.

The "rising star" on the camera device side takes the lead

       In just three years, Yonggu's camera equipment has become an important pillar product, and behind this performance is a direct product in the dual-camera market. From the perspective of Yonggu's market position, its "strong head" has drawn a beautiful answer to Yonggu's performance. In Yonggu's 2017 performance, half of its revenue came from camera equipment.

       And Yonggu's camera equipment includes AA machines and back-end testing equipment. On the equipment side, Chen Yuanjie said frankly that we can provide customers with various customized equipment.

      The inspection found that Yonggu's camera equipment also occupies a pivotal position in the camera module market, so where does its origin into the equipment side come from?

      The author has learned that there are two main reasons why Yonggu enters the equipment side. First, basically the order quantity of fixtures has stabilized, but the equipment end appears to be different. With the increase of equipment manufacturing process, its market space is favored by Yonggu; second, Yonggu was already well-known The camera module was used as an equipment OEM. Later, in contact with some camera module manufacturers, it was discovered that some first-line camera module manufacturers completely trust Yonggu’s equipment manufacturing capabilities. Based on this,    Yonggu entered into the context of customer needs. Device side.

      It is understood that Yonggu’s equipment has successfully entered the queue of first-line camera module manufacturers such as OFILM, and the experience of Yonggu as a Japanese agent for focusing machines has been used to the extreme in its cutting into camera equipment, and this has also become It is an important reason for the recognition of first-line camera module customers.

      Chen Yuanjie said, “Yonggu entered the equipment side because of our concept of precision processing. General equipment factories do not have this concept. This is also the difference between Yonggu and traditional equipment manufacturers.” But the author found that Yonggu can be recognized by customers. Another major reason for this is service. It is understood that as long as a company has a large number of orders, they will definitely have stationed personnel, where customers are, Yonggu is there, and this has been a major feature of their strategy since the establishment of their company.

In fact, although Yonggu’s performance has shown substantial growth every year, it also encountered a setback in 2016, and the setbacks here start with its revenue.

      From the perspective of its revenue, 2015-2017 is a year of rapid development, but behind this rapid development is actually a hidden crisis, why do you say that? Because in 2015 its revenue was 80 million yuan , By 2016, revenue increased to 21,000 yuan. Behind the rapid growth in performance for a while was the need for a large amount of capital for turnover. It was also in that year that the solid capital chain was almost affected. Later, through various channels, this The problem is solved.

       Last year, a bonus of 5 million yuan was given to employees

       The author learned that at the beginning of the establishment of Yonggu, three people were the first to be formed. One of these three people was Chen Yuanjie, general manager in charge of sales, the second was Li Zhibiao, deputy general manager in charge of manufacturing, and the other was also Responsible for the daily work of the factory, in addition to Chen Yuanjie, the other two have been advancing and retreating with Yonggu since the beginning of the company.

        Yonggu's employee mobility is also not great, and this is closely related to its employee share allotment system. It is understood that Yonggu adopts the incentive strategy of the shareholding system and the employee share allotment system, as long as it reaches the management level of the company, there are corresponding shares.

        Including the new management level all have equity. In Li Zhibiao’s view, the platform Yonggu gives employees is very beneficial to some young people who want to start a business. For management personnel, this measure also reduces management. Level of pressure, because employees basically don’t need to stare, and employees are generally self-conscious.

      “The boss’s shares are falling every year, but the performance is rising every year. This year, our rewards will be larger. We have more than 300 people, but we will issue a bonus of 5 million yuan.” Li Zhibiao continued, “We A quarter of the company’s employees have shares, and 80 people hold shares."

       Regarding the company’s welfare, the above two managers said excitedly that the welfare of the employees is very good. The salary of the employees basically rises by 20% every year. Some employees are equipped with a share distribution plan every year. This year, they have allocated 8.5 million yuan to Share-holding employees also involve 80 people. On average, one person has a reward of 100,000 yuan, and this is only one year's income.

       Regarding the rapid growth of the company’s performance, Li Zhibiao and Chen Yuanjie agreed that this performance has the most direct relationship with the employee stock allotment system, because everyone is moving in one direction, and this is psychologically speaking. Not only has the potential of the employees been developed, but the quality of the products has also been effectively guaranteed.

       Regarding the 2018 strategic layout plan, Chen Yuanjie said bluntly that in fact, we plan to set up a factory in Nanchang and deploy a business and R&D team. Now some new camera module manufacturers in Nanchang with OFIL as the benchmark are slowly approaching Nanchang. Therefore, we will still unswervingly maintain the strategic policy of where the customers are and where Yonggu is, and truly realize the full service concept of on-call.

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